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A Stage for New Parenthood 
MPavilion, Melbourne (2017/18)

4-part event series: HOUSE, STREET, DISTRICT, CITY

Having a baby changes your perception of the city. Suddenly things become less accessible: trams are difficult to lift a pram into, there’s no space in your favourite cafe to change a nappy and events happen at night while you soothe your baby to sleep—and so the trials of new parenthood are mostly screened off from public view.

Guest, Riggs inverted this private spectacle in a 4-part event series featured in MPavilion's 2017/18 public program; exposing the banalities of new parenthood in Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten’s amphitheatre-style structure. Taking Rem Koolhaas’s and David Gianotten’s statement that the space could function as a playground literally: the floor was given over to babies’ exploits, made possible with a series of baby-friendly interventions within MPavilion.

Read Guest, Riggs Q&A with MPavilion and the individual event blurbs for House, Street, District, and City.

Photography by Layla Cluer

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